What do we offer?

We try to provide an easy to use and integrate dashboard solution; without
the complexity and cost of a complete business intelligence solution.

Visualize your data

Choose from a set of ready to go visualizations: displays, gauges, graphs, tables and more. You can aggregate the data, show trends and add text labels and even custom HTML content.

Share dashboards

Share dashboard easily with different users in one account, you can limit users to specific data feeds / metrics. Dashboards can be shared read-only or with write access.

Fully responsive

The generated dashboards are build using Bootstrap and thus fully responsive. Display dashboards embedded on mobile devices like tablets and phones.


Use monitoring to get alerts when specific thresholds are exceeded. You can monitor individual metrics or effectively monitor a group of metrics from different applications or systems.

Clone dashboards

Build a generic set of dashboards for your application and then easily clone them for different users and/or different datasources.

In this way you only have to design a dashboard once and then re-use it for each new seperate user or customer.

Embed dashboards

Generate unique URL's for a real-time dashboard and embed them in any application, display them on a screen or share them with users outside your account.

You can have multiple separate unique dashboard URL's, and they can also be deleted to remove access.

Brandable / multi-user

We offer a white-labeled version you can brand yourself, i.e run on a custom domain with your name, logo and colors.

Need even more control? You can also embed dashboards directly in other applications.

Manage multiple users in one account; they can share all data and dashboards or have access to a specific set of metrics.


You can make each element in the dashboard clickable and link it to an URL. For example: link to your own application to provide more details. When used together with the embed option you can offer a seamless experience for your users.

Go back in time

You simply cannot watch a dashboard 24x7. See what caused an event in the past; see what dashboard looked like at any specific point in time.

The dashboard can show the realtime data; but you can also zoom out to day, week, month and year views. In this way you can easily spot trends and long-time developments in your metrics.

Curious how metricboard.io works in practice?

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