simply dashboards & monitoring

No complex setup. You send a value, we show it on a dashboard.

Just need to visualize & monitor metrics?

Need to keep track of important metrics from your application or systems? Just send the data to

Use the drag-and-drop to create dashboards from your data. Display on a monitor, embed it in a website or send as an email report.

Integrated alerting keeps you 24x7 on top of your metrics and let's you know something is wrong before your customers do.

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Save development time

As a developer you want to avoid spending time building and re-building metric collection and dashboards for every project and application.

With you can connect to our API in minutes and have your dashboard ready.

Skip complex analytics

Sometimes you just want to have a clear overview of some metrics, without all the complexity and cost of full-blown analytics platform.

We keep simple. Just want to graph a metric? Or show an ok / not-ok signal and get email alerts?
Then is for you.

Multi user, white labeled

Need to offer the same visualization of metrics to different users? No problem: you can create separate data streams from your application for each user.

You can then simply embed the same dashboard prototype for each user; or let users use the drag-and-drop builder to create their own dashboard.

On top of your metrics

Nobody can watch a dashboard 24x7. Use metric monitoring to get alerted quickly when something goes wrong.

A monitor can be created for multiple data feeds and metrics at the same time. In this way you can effectively monitor multiple systems with a simple set
of monitoring rules.

Easy to integrate
Drag & drop dashboard builder
Responsive dashboards
Monitoring & alerting
Embed, e-mail, share dashboards
Multi-user, white-labeled

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